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Paper Hearts & Plastic Pins: Love: Its Reality & Transcendence

Love: Its Reality & Transcendence by Pelumi Kayode 

The season of love in all its romantic glory is here again and of course memes are abundant; depicting fleeing men, demanding women and a harsh economy, while ads for cakes, chocolates and other Valentine’s Day gifts at discounted prices are equally as ubiquitous. The euphoria is everywhere, oh and a fun fact, just look how many November babies are out there, do the math and you’ll see this season is a rather “productive” one. 

Anyway, let us pause for a moment and ask once again this often repeated question; “What is love?” Now, what makes this question so important is the very fact that love is the one thing everyone desires to experience whether or not they acknowledge it (I’m looking at you cynics) and the abundance or lack of it affects our lives in very profound ways and also because, well, not that many people really understand how it works (Disclaimer: I do not claim to understand it fully as well, however, I will share some of my thoughts and little bits of knowledge I’ve found in and from personal experiences, candid confessions, books and the corridors of the Internet). 

The origins of our understanding of love are rooted in our early experiences as children while being fed by our mothers’, in the warmth of our fathers’ embrace or in the custody of anyone who cared enough to cater to our every need, our caregivers eventually became our first lovers and consequently formed our first inklings of what love is, a seemingly wonderful and flawless experience. This narrative is further enhanced by the tales of love we’re told in movies, books, music, and art and by the people in our lives. 

We are taught that love is expected to give us a constantly happy, emotionally passionate, perfect and effortless state of being, we are subconsciously led to believe in the “beautiful happily ever after”. We are taught to aspire towards this form of love in our relationships and anything contrary to it is probably not “true love”. 

At some point our parents and caregivers eventually disappoint us, we get confused at first and then begin to question their love for us, correctly and incorrectly so. Gradually we are brought to accept a much harsher reality, we become disappointed and less expectant or doubtful of love. However, others are born, sadly into a world that immediately batters them with abuse, suffering and pain, leaving them longing for and wondering if they would ever experience love someday or end up discarding the concept altogether from their minds. 

As we grow into adolescence and ‘teenhood’ (by the way this is not a real word) we suddenly realize that we can experience love with people other than our family members. 

At this stage, once more, our notions about love are crushed over and over again as heartbreaks occur, sometimes as the brokenhearted and at others, the heartbreakers, all as a result of letting our hormones lead the way. By the time we’re adults we are probably expected to have a fairly good grip on how love works right? Wrong! Interestingly many of us still hold on to these misguided notions of love (don’t worry you’re not alone, I did too, it’s largely because they’re deeply rooted and are repeated to us on a regular basis). 

To prove this, take for example how we sometimes expect our partners to know what we’re thinking, or we expect that they should react a certain way when something happens. Over time we convince ourselves that we are in fact with the wrong person and have to call it quits while some others who do not acknowledge the authenticity of love, sporadically go in and out of several relationships, further exasperating the situation as this same cycle continues. 

So what’s the truth about love? Love is first and foremost real. It is beyond feeling and more about choosing. It is liberating, a safe place to freely be weird and awkward without fear of being shamed or judged. It is a long turbulent river leading into a vast ocean of joy. Love isn’t about a sole pursuit of another, it is in fact about two people in pursuit of one another. 

Love isn’t a prize to be won, it is a gift to be given, oh the joy of giving yourself to another, willingly baring your being to them as they gloriously bare theirs to you, and though delicate, it is amongst the highest and most powerful forms of human expression, this is love. Love is perfect, however, the journey of love with another human isn’t, simply because no human is perfect, so be prepared for conflict, confusion, anxiety, blame, misunderstandings, mistakes, lies and more, however you must be even more prepared to work on yourself and with your partner, nurturing and cultivating your bond and yourselves by letting the principles of love remain your guide. 

The work to be done is mostly internal. The decision to say sorry, to forgive, desist from saying harsh words when we’re hurt and choose instead to communicate, to see beyond outward behavior and focus more on its cause, to not lie about how we genuinely feel, freely laying out our desires, fears and dreams, continuously sacrificing even when you’re in the right by choosing to be the sheep, displaying a deep sense of compassion for and desiring the other’s success and happiness, the willingness to stick to it for the long haul and the acknowledgement of our imperfect nature and that of others, love makes us accommodating to that fact, but beyond that makes us want to help them become better versions of themselves by caringly showing them the way (aka telling it as it is); all these and more will be the result of the internal work we put into ourselves and our relationships when we allow love to win. As cheesy as this may sound, love transcends time and space (check out the movie “Interstellar” if you haven’t, and yes, I’m a geek). 

Regardless of difficulties and trials, love will always win because it will always choose right. Take broken relationships for example, a good friend of mine would always tell me, “If in fact you loved someone you were once with, no matter the fallout or separation, you will still always love them”, I actually consider this to be true. 

Now, I’m not attempting to invalidate feelings of hurt, regret or anger, in fact these are also very real and valid responses to heartbreak, but if you can momentarily sweep away or permanently overcome all those negative feelings, if the love was there, you’ll find you still care for and wish the individual all the good you have always wished them. 

Above all these, I usually recommend one last thing in order to experience love’s transcendence: Seek guidance from the author of love, God. I mean from who else can you get better direction? No really, who? You’ll find that letting God be your guide along the journey of love with your partner will bring to you both something much deeper, happier, purposeful, conscientious and fulfilling than you would otherwise have had (the extra accountability partner does a world of good). 

All of these principles and guides equally would apply regardless of the type of relationship, be it with your boss, friends, colleagues, family members, neighbors, in-laws or even strangers. You’ll come to realize that your life will take on a new level of vitality, color, calm and progress. OK I’m done here. XOXO

Ore’s Playlist February 2017

The songs on the playlist for this month are songs I came across recently, one of my Goals for January was to listen to new songs and broaden my playlist and boy did I come across so many new musicians. 

Thank you to Mr Johnson and Ifeoluwa for introducing me to Deezer, it is a music streaming application like Spotify but unlike Spotify it is available in Nigeria. *Thank God! 

Let’s get into the playlist; 

Phil Wickham – This Is Amazing Grace: It is an upbeat song that reminds me of God’s love expressed on the cross through Jesus and the beautiful gift of Salvation and Grace. 

MercyMe – Greater: It is a such a beautiful song that reminds me that God loves me, that I should come as I am to him without fear of condemnation. 

Chris Tomlin – Our God: It reminds me of the fact that God is sovereign over all and God is always on my side every time. 

Planetshakers – The Anthem

Phil Wickham ft. Madison Cunningham – The Secret Place            

Enjoy! You can leave me song recommendations in the comments below.                                                                                                                               

Paper Hearts & Plastic Pins: Pictures

Pictures by Bukky Tijani 

Driving round the streets of Venice
With no care in the world.
The wind in my hair…
I’ve been kissed by the sun
And my glow on fleek!

Strutting down the beach…
Picking precious sea shells as I go
The feeling of peace as the sea flows past my feet is overwhelming
Watching how beautiful the sun set in this wonderful city of love…
Oh! How I’m ready to explore 

Sadly I’m called back to reality 
By the hesitant cry of my name
It’s nothing but pictures in my head
‘Oh! I wish you were real’ I say!

A Love Mashup

We interrupt our ongoing series Paper Hearts and Plastic Pins to bring you the ”A Love MashUp” from Pop/Rock Band RepJ360

RepJ360 has a love story to share along with a once in a lifetime  ”Love MashUp”, which I am sure you will all enjoy.

Paper Hearts and Plastic Pins will return tomorrow.

The band has a story to tell.

Graduation was great; after graduation was even better. We finally had time to spend with one another, but we both knew that the fantasy was going to come to a screeching halt. I guess in your own caring way you began to pull away because you didn’t want either of us to get hurt. You felt it was better we forgot each other. One thing you didn’t realise was that wherever I go, wherever you are, [….] you’re never far away, you’re always on my mind.

But, you just didn’t seem to believe me. You were just not the girl I used to know. I remember when I first met you, I was not a contributing member of society, my grades were nothing to write home about and home was about to write me off. There was no possibility for me to be rescued, thank God I found you because you brought me joy and blessings. I just want to let you know now, I could do anything for you, no matter what we go through.

Of course You didn’t make it easy at the beginning. I ask you out today you say “yes”, tomorrow you tell me you never said yes, you said “no”. I wonder why I thought you will make it easy for me this time, you confuse me because every time I look into your eyes I can see you want us to be, as bad as I do. I am giving you my all on a platter of platinum. Everything I have, my one Naira, my one million, I  want you to take it all.

You have rendered me stupid, I never thought I could be sprouting such lyrics to get you to stay. It is obvious you stole my heart away.

Imagine that.

So no matter, where I go, no matter the distance I want you to know you are the one I want. I want you to be my wife, I want you to bare my kids. This is the future I see for us and nothing can change that.  

Watch “A Love Mashup” by the band RepJ360

Story inspired by Lagbaja’s “Never Far Away”; Niyola’s “Toh Bhad”; Dare Art Alade’s “Not the girl”; P-Square’s “No one be like you”; Djinee’s “I no dey shame”; Banky W’s “Yes/No”; Tuface’s “If love is a crime”; MI’s “One Naira”; Tuface’s “Ole”; Styl Plus’ “Imagine that” & Wande Coal’s “Ololufe”

So the band is having a competition where the winner gets to either hang out with them or request a mash up of their favorite artiste. 
All you have to do is write a short story that follows the line of the mashup. To make it more interesting make sure you find a way to include a lyric from each song. 

Competition closes at the end of the month. Email them your story at or you could send it to me. It should be not more than 500 words.

The band will pick the best story and let the winner know. Follow their Instagram page @repj360, like their Facebook page and keep in touch with them on Twitter

Paper Hearts &Plastic Pins: Love Is

Love Is by Moyo Ademola 

Love is… Let’s think about this for a minute.
I cannot breathe without you, but my bloody heart just won’t work fine when I’m close to you

Love is… Really though, how do you do it?
You take my breath away with the way your hips sway, maybe drowning is not so bad…Oh one more minute, baby please stay.

Love is… Surely now, you have me spellbound.
Oh you know the power you have, like a witch you cast a spell on me with words like incantations, baby you screw my mind, oh is this fornication?

Love is… Quit playing with your food already, go for the kill.
You’re a predator alright! Like a tiger you lie in wait for me hiding behind grasses of my mind weight balanced on your hind ready to pounce….I sense danger alright, I think my Spidey sense is; Oh shit, I didn’t see that coming!

Paper Hearts &Plastic Pins:The Father’s Love

The Father’s Love by Bukky Tijani 

I stare at my reflection in the mirror
Not happy with what I see
Yet you  serenade me with your words full of promises  and tell me
I’m fearfully and wonderfully made.
I’m made in your image and likeness
I ask myself what ever did I do
To deserve an amazing romantic as a Father?

Constantly I hurt you and act like you’re no one
Caring less about your feelings.
Still you never hold a grudge.
Instead you look past my childish self and
Call me a child after your heart.
Again I ask myself who am I that you love this much?

Over and over again you immerse me with an amazing love.
A love so indescribable….
Deeper than the depths of the ocean
Farther than the ends of the earth
Wider than my tiny heart can fathom.
You call me friend, unashamed to be seen with a filthy rag like me.
In your own way, you make me smile
Because you never want me to shed a tear

You let go of the one thing you loved the most
Your only son, so I can come home to you.
And I ask myself what manner of love is this?
You teach me the essence of true love…Sacrifice!
You gave me the best gift a girl could ask for
I do not deserve this kind of love
Yet you declare me worthy enough.

I’m grateful to have a friend  in you
Your love never runs dry
Never grows weary or tired of me
It lasts forever

I’m proud to be loved by you.

Paper Hearts &Plastic Pins: On Friendship

On Friendship by Oluwadamilola Adisa
I cannot claim to know what love really is, or to have experienced love fully, I have however been lucky to know what I think is the highest form of love there is… friendship
Friendship in its pure, uninhibited form is probably the truest and deepest form of communion souls can share, souls because a friend sees past the exterior to what’s beneath and eternal, the true self.
A friend witnesses our evolution, our goals, dreams, aspirations and achievements, A friend shares our joys, failures, sorrows and agonies,
A friend is a witness to our very existence.
With true friends, there is no guile, friends have basically ‘seen us finish’, there are no masks, only naked personalities. No masks, not because we do not wear them, but because friends see through them. A friend is one with whom we share our lives.
To have never experienced true friendship is to have never been understood fully, to have never had your true image seen, acknowledged and accepted by another.

In the words of C.S. Lewis, “Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art, like the universe itself… It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things which give value to survival.”