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Dauntless Conference: 27th August 2017

I wasn’t going to attend to Dauntless Conference, but my friend surprised me with a ticket a few hours to the conference and I a very grateful that she did. I was blessed by the testimonies shared by the women and their stories I will carry with me for a long time. 

I took a few photos at the event and they are below. I hope you enjoy them!! 

P.S I am a photographer in training and I still have a long way to go. 


Letter To My 23 Years Old Self By Onomesan Oyo

Dear 23 year old self,

I write with the sincerest apologies that I haven’t given you much to work with. I am exhausted as it is and I do not have the courage to go on. I hope that you will forgive me for giving up but you would soon come to realize as I have that this life is not easy. There are times where I think of leaving it all but I do not have that kind of bravery to take something that didn’t start of my own power in the first place. I hope you would have the courage to live out the dreams that I couldn’t, I want you to know that I tried, I put in work and also completely put my trust in Him that gave me the life. I am truly exhausted with no strength to carry on but I hope that you would be everything that I hoped you would be.

I am trying to make something of my life and I hope that you would continue in the race, a lot of us want to make a positive change in the world, something that would rock the very fabric of our humanity but most of us don’t how, we have the tools but we lack the technical expertise to carpe diem the day. Each day I wake up with the burning desire that today would be the day that I have been praying for. I need you to follow up with that because in a few hours I would no longer have a guest pass in the affairs that guide my life. I wouldn’t dare pride myself as being very wise but I would leave you with some essential tips to live by:
  • If at first attempt it doesn’t work out, try again, again and again.
  • Getting to the reality of the idea of the you hidden in your head would not be easy but embrace the process.
  • People are going to try to tell you what you can or cannot do, Do always what you want because at the end of the day you are the only one the mirror reflects.
  • The world is waiting for the greatness that you are regardless of where you are right now
  •  In the very wise words of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Dare to take…The world is yours to take so why not.
  • As always do you, it never gets better than that

Cheers to the life we aspire to smile
Yours Sincerely,

My 22 year old self

Ore’s Playlist August 2017

August was a month of important decisions and for the first time I felt the full effect of Adulthood. What I rest in is the fact that I am not going through the process alone, God is with me always. Psalms 46 vs. 10 “Be Still and Know That I am God” I have seen a good number of posters of this bible text but never committed it to heart until I read the whole chapter, it gave me new meaning on the presence of God in my life and God’s love that I believe we don’t talk about enough. The songs on this playlist for the month have helped me in my journey this month

So let’s get into the playlist;

Shekinahby Forerunner Music, Jaye Thomas and Cory Asbury;

The first time I heard this song was at the first Simple Worship in January, it is a song that invites the presence of God. This has become a Simple Worship stable, after the last Worship session I decided it was time to have the song on my phone and I have listened to it on replay since. It is one of those songs that comes up and you can’t help but desire more of God.

Sovereignover Us by Michael W. Smith

Bola my Co-host on About the Song introduced me to this song, it was on her playlist for 2016 and she will close her eyes when the song comes on and belt out the wordings with all her heart and lose herself in the song.
At the start of the month, the chorus of the songs wouldn’t stop playing in my head. So I decided to listen and meditate on the song, it became my anthem for the month. Many times, we forget the Sovereign power of God in our toil and start to wonder if God is even with us. There is a line that hits me all the time which is “even what the enemy means for evil you turn for our good and for your glory”. It teaches me to have peace all the time, in the raging storms and in the calm. The lyrics of the song sends a powerful message so please take a few minutes to read below.

There is strength within the sorrow
There is beauty in our tears
And you meet us in our mourning
With a love that casts out fear
You are working in our waiting
You’re sanctifying us
When beyond our understanding
You’re teaching us to trust
Your plans are still to prosper
You have not forgotten us
You’re with us in the fire and the flood
You’re faithful forever
Perfect in love
You are sovereign over us
You are wisdom unimagined
Who could understand your ways
Reigning high above the Heavens
Reaching down in endless grace
You’re the lifter of the lowly
Compassionate and kind
You surround and you uphold me
And your promises are my delight
Even what the enemy means for evil
You turn it for our good
You turn it for our good and for your glory
Even in the valley, You are faithful
You’re working for our good
You’re working for our good and for Your glory
The one That Really Mattersby Michael W. Smith and Kari Jobe

I visited No. 16 Olukole and Mr Johnson said I needed to listen to this song and I did. This isn’t a song you get after one listen, it’s one you go back to every time you forget what matters, every listen brings new light on how God is truly the one that really matters. For this month, the song made me ask myself what really matters in my decision-making process and it was a call for prayer for me to let God really matter in my life.
You WaitedBy Travis Greene

Sometimes I am an  illegal distributor of songs and books, my friends Tofu asked if I could help her get this song that she almost ran out of data listening to the song on repeat on YouTube.  So, I listened to the song, it shows God is a lover that doesn’t give up, a lover that calls out, one that is patient, one that doesn’t let go after the chase. We hardly see God in this light. I remember a text in the book of Acts that talks about seeking God because he isn’t very far [Acts 17:27], so God is always lurking in the shadows and waiting to show you love and give light.