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From my recent Podcast

How do you know to quit?

I’ve never learnt how or when to stop, I just keep going. ‘Where am I going?’ you may ask. I will attempt to explain.  I start the day looking over my To-Do list from the previous day and filling the new day’s list with items that didn’t get checked off. With each meeting, with each […]

On Shakespeare

I remember Mr Apata teaching me Literature-in-English for the first few weeks of my 5th year in secondary school.  He made us memorise Hamlet’s soliloquy in Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet. The soliloquy is

On Reading Habits

I was not born a reader. I believe some people are born with the love of written words in their bones. One such person is my brother, Dimeji; no one taught him

On Working

I recently took a work placement test that examines your personality and identifies potential challenges that might occur on the job because of your personality and how you view life and work. 

On Christianity

I have struggled with my faith over the last few years, not necessarily with believing in the existence of God but more around the day-to-day practice of my faith.  There was this