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Headphones & Epiphanies – Oyinkan’s Story

Today was a rainy day in Lagos, rainy days equal traffic and aching knees and upper arms. 
What kept me going on my drive home is my current ”One Woman Party Playlist”. I was singing along with at the top of my lungs and I forgot my aching joints and the traffic.
The songs I listened to took me on a journey to a place where all my current problems cease to exist and I could live in the songwriters words. 
Music is an important part of my life, I have learnt so much about life and God’s love through music. 
What better way to celebrate my love for  music than to get my friends to share their stories through music they love.   
The Series on The Over Thinker for this month is Headphones and Epiphanies! I hope you enjoy it. 
Please leave a song recommendation in the comments below! 

I’m a lover of music. Period. Regardless of its genre or category. I’m literally one of those people who was and is still being saved by music (after God of course).

I have way too many favourites so it was actually a pain to try and put them in such a short list. I did try to pick 10 of my favourite songs but I really couldn’t put them in an order. I draw the line in confining such beauty to an order. So here are just 10 out of my many many favourites. I hope you like them.

  • The Scientist by Coldplay – I absolutely love this song. There are so many covers but my favourite is still the Glee cast version. This song sure got me through my heartbreak days.
  • Beauty in the World by Macy Gray – This song actually cheers me up when I’m down. Reminds me that there’s still good and happiness to be found in the world.
  • Skinny Love by Birdy (originally by Bon Iver)– I love Birdy’s sound. Skinny love happens to be the first of her songs I ever heard and fell in love with. This song is one of my favourite songs because i could totally related with the title and it also got me through some heartbreak days too.
  • Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men – The beginning of this song always makes me want to dance by jumping and putting my fist in the air. Lol. And doing that just makes me feel silly and happy. 
  • This is how we do it by Montell Jordan – This right here is a classic old school jam. I know the lyrics to this song from beginning to end and I just always feel like such a cuu kid when I jam to it.
  • Hey, soul sister by Train – This is also one of my best friend’s favourite and it was and always will be our jam. In school, we’d often use spoons as pretend microphones, jump and sing this song at the top of our voices and subsequently annoy everyone around us. But we didn’t care. It was our jam so it had to be done. Lol.
  • Have you ever by Brandy – Back in secondary school, I went through a ‘blues’ phase. This song pretty much summed up my feelings for a crush I had. I’d cuddle up in bed, listen to this song on my walkman ( which was a contraband) and think about this crush (Sad, I know). Lol. It never really made me feel better but it still remains one of my favourites. Oh and if you were wondering, it never worked out with that crush either.
  • He turned it by Tye Tribbett – This song pretty much sums up all God has done and still does for me and how he has put the devil to shame in my life. Love the lyrics and how fast the beat is. No one should be subjected to the sight of me dancing to this song. Lol. You’d probably be intimidated by the joy I radiate.
  • Home by Gabrielle Aplin – I absolutely love acoustic music and that’s basically all Gabrielle does. The lyrics have truth and meaning. Oh and her voice is so sweet and unique. That alone certifies it as a favourite for me.
  • Home is wherever I’m with you by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes – This song puts a smile on my face whenever I listen to it. The title of the song already tells you what the song is about and being the hopeless romantic that I am, how can I not love it. Lol. Love the beat and somewhat amusing lyrics 

These are just 10 of my favourite songs. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this. Cheers.

You can click below to listen to the songs on the playlist

Oyinkan’s Playlist