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Hear No Evil – Speak No Evil – Week Five by RepJ360

The notion of love is one that has been clouded by many ideas for a very long time. Chief of which is the “ride into the sunset” idea of love – at the end of the movie the man and the woman ride into a picturesque sunset which insinuates happiness, peace, prosperity and all the other good kinds of things. Sadly, when we get that moment in the sunset in real life (if we get it), the sun will rise again the next day and there would countless more sunrises after that. We are not equipped to handle what comes next, because in our heads the movie should have ended. So when things start getting hard and less picturesque we automatically start to think some is wrong and therefore we need to perhaps end it. But know this; Love is not always “lovey-dovey”, love is not always sweet words and grand gestures. It is a battle that we wage, it is a decision that we make, it is an action that we take or an action we choose not to take. The world would continue to sell the idea of easy love which is momentary, but God is calling us into an eternal love, a peace that is inexplicable, and it is worth the fight. Just set your hearts on love and love will show up.

This Week: 
Take Over Me, because I know Love Alone Is Worth The Fight.
You Are the only one that can make it worth it.
I will Be Still as I wait for More Of You so I can Touch The Sky. Thank you for your Ancient Words.

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