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The List

I have a desire to share my favorite love songs with the world: from the sound track for my primary school crush to my current national anthem, which I need to be banned from because of the insane number of times I have listened to the song on repeat in the last two months.

Please be nice in the comments because I believe the romantic part of Oreoluwa that is always in sleuth mood is about to be unleashed on the world.

Here goes nothing.

  1. All My Life by K-Ci and Jojo – You will have to thank my mum and uncle Demola for introducing me to this song, and music in general. When the realization of having feelings and what not hit me, the lyrics of the song felt like the only thing that captured everything I was feeling in that moment. 
  2. Two is Better Than One by Boys Like Girls – This song is on the Boys Like Girls ‘Love Drunk’ album from 2009. The album has got a song for every stage of love, from the tenderness that comes with falling in love to the heartache of lost love, and it is worth checking out. This song is on the list because I spent most of life believing love, with its component parts, was a fantasy and this song started the process of changing my mind. Shout out to my brother for knowing his way around torrents and downloading the album. 
  3. The Only Exception by Paramore – This song sums up how I feel about relationships; all the walls I have built to shield my Jell-O heart from melting, how I walk out from behind my walls when I am sure a person is an exception to all my many rules and my Jell-O heart is willing to take the risk of melting because it can’t afford to watch this person get away. 
  4. Where I Sleep By Emeli Sandé – “Except this is us and this is love, and this is where I’m home…” I love the idea of having a person I feel completely comfortable with, a person that is home on sunny and rainy days. Because really, everyone needs a home. 
  5. Please Keep Loving Me by James TW – I think James TW is one of the most underrated artists but we will get into that on another day. The song reminds me of all the things that can go wrong because I am who I am but in-spite of those things my heart is on my sleeve and loving is what I hope to keep doing. 
  6. Still Into You by Paramore – Love can start feeling familiar after a while, like a constant that no longer sparks excitement. But this song recounts important moments and captures the feelings in those moments. Maybe we need to stock up on those almost perfect moments to get through the hard ones in between. 
  7. Put It All On Me by Ed Sheeran and Ella Mai – “I need a strong heart and a soft touch”. I enjoy every line of this song and I have listened, sang along and danced to it an embarrassing number of times. It is just about having a home, a place to rest after the world has battered you.
  8. Grow As We Go by Ben Platt – This song reminds me of a line I wrote in my journal a few months ago: ‘’Love is active, it takes up its own life form, always evolving, to treat it as static is to bring about its death’’.  I believe we are evolving individually and life is boring alone, so why not evolve with another? Ben Platt captures this perfectly in this song. 
  9. Happy by Morayo and Johnny Drille –  It is just a happy, feel-good song that usually makes me dance and yes, I dance on very rare occasions. 

I am sure you have enjoyed the embarrassing debut of my romantic side. Again I ask, please be gentle with her. 

I have included a link to the playlist and also included other songs not listed above that I enjoy listening to!

YouTube –



Olubukunola Tijani’s Playlist

I love music a lot and I believe it speaks to me in ways I can’t imagine. I enjoy music with deep lyrics that teach me and help me in different situations I find myself, I love music that help keep me in God’s presence and remind me of His never ending love for me and the essence of my purpose in life.
So many songs have touched my life but I’d love to share some that are currently on repeat for me and have also stayed with me for a long time now.

  • What a Beautiful name by Hillsong: This song reminds me always of the person who God is and what He means to me. Whenever I feel like worshiping God and remind myself of the things He has done for me I sing this in my head. God’s name is powerful, He’s been there even from the beginning of creation, The song says he’s the word made flesh, He’s name is powerful and will remain with me even till the end of time.
  • Letting Go by Steffany Gretzinger: I love Bethel music and Steffany Gretzinger is like a role model for me. The words of this song brings tears to my eyes always. Whenever I feel sad, scared or unsure of how my life is going or the things happening with me i listen to this. It reminds me to Let go and just Let God. Let go of everything bothering me or bringing me to tears and live it all to God to handle. The chorus says You remind me of things for forgotten, You unwind me till i’m totally undone and when your arms are around me, fear is no match for your love. Its a song of comfort, sometimes all we need is a hug from God telling us all will be well and indeed that’s all that matters.
  • Pieces by Amanda Cook: Its a tale of how God loves. His love is never ending, never fails, its not passive or insecure neither is it broken. It hangs on every word it says. Its pure and magical. Nothing compares to God’s love and always I’m delighted to be loved by God.
  • Heaven Knows by Hillsong: This is a soundtrack for a wonderful movie called The Shack. Its another comforting song of hope, faith, love and surrender to God in times of troubles cos we all go through that sometimes and all we need is a little faith.
  • The sun is Rising by Britt Nicole: An all time love for me. A wonderful song about belief in one’s self no matter the amount of failures you go through, Never giving up. A song about courage and hope. The’s nothing better than believing in yourself and what better song than this to help encourage you!

  • Jesus at the Center by Israel Houghton: When you have God at the center of your plans and you surrender all to Him, There is no way you’ll fail cos He knows our beginning and our end so every time I deviate and I don”t carry God along with my plans. I’m reminded by this song of the benefits of putting God first.
  • Perfect by Ed Sheeran: I absolutely adore Ed Sheeran and his talent for deep and reasonable lyrics. I love this song cos its an absolute definition of loving someone no matter how they are. Just accepting them for who they are and nothing more. A good song for two people truly in love Lol!
  • Maybe IDK by Jon Bellion: I’ve found a new love! His amazing voice and lyrics amazes me. This song just reminds me that we never have everything planned and its ok to not have everything planned but lets just take things one step at a time and leave the rest to God
  • Hand of God by Jon Bellion:  No matter what we go through, our lives are directed and guided by God.
  • We can Hurt Together by Sia:  No matter what you go through, always remember you are not alone. You have people who will always be there to smile with you, cry with you, laugh with you, Never judge you but always stick with you no matter what. You’re not alone. We were not created to walk alone. That’s what friends are for.