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Hear No Evil – Speak No Evil Week Two by RepJ360

God loves you” and “Jesus loves you” have been the punchline of every evangelical mission. So much so that for those of us in the part of the world that have heard of Jesus it has become stale news. So when someone comes over to you and says “Jesus loves you” you respond with a scowl and a “I know!! Ah!”, not half knowing anything. But even after that the love is still there. No worries.

The Love of God is a weird thing. You cannot compare it to anything, you might want to say, think of a mother and her newborn child, the amount of love in that – NO! God’s love is more. You literally cannot compare it to anything. It’s deep… Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep… Unrealistic even. Yeah. God’s love is unrealistic, it transcends the reality we live in. Think about that for a second.So when you feel bad or someone tries to make you feel bad, take it to God, His love would not turn you way, as long as you are coming to Him, He is there for you.
This Week:

No matter what I have done you Love Me Anyway, so I will Fix My Eyes on you. You Are God, and your Promises Remain. For Your Love is Already There.
Devotional Playlist is a collection of good songs – posted daily – that have taught us (RepJ360) something new and reminded us about the love of God. These songs have been known to lift our spirits and put positive words in our mouths for the world to hear. Everyday a new song would be posted with a message from it. At the end of 7 days you’ve got yourself a playlist of good songs that remind you of the promises of God and you won’t find yourself slapping your mouth to stop from humming the tune.
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