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Dare to Dream, The Interview Series,

The Interview Series:Moriyike Mejabi

What is your name?
Moriyike Mejabi
What do you currently do as a job?
Information Technologist
As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?
Hmm.. That’s a tough one- a journalist, then a designer, anything with travelling!
Did primary school and secondary school shape your ideas about your dream job?
Not really- I didn’t think about it as much- until I had to fill my JAMB form (to get into the University). SMH.
At what point in time did you change your mind about that dream job?
When I filled my JAMB form.
Why did you study what you studied in university? If you have a do over will you study the same course?
I consulted a bit with some successful adults at the time- and just looked at the possibilities- felt Computer Science would be a great fit. If I could have a do over- I now think this field is actually great for me, but I would explore Psychology as well.

How did the ‘’reality of adulthood’’ affect your dreams?
I realized that it’s all about those skills! And you’ve got to put in the work/ effort- even if it’s in practicing the guitar or brushing up on that programming language.

Do you believe your dreams are still within your reach?
YES! I absolutely do. …Because I can do all this… through Christ 🙂

Are you fulfilled with your life? If “Yes”, how? If “No” why?
Hmmm… another tough one. I’ll say yes, I’m content, but I know there’s sooooo much more– In that sense I’m not content! I’m not fulfilled! I want to experience MORE!

What are your hobbies? And does your current line of work give you time for them?
I love to watch movies, and I enjoy music as well, and I like to make things look pretty.
Well yes, when I get back home from work, I can grab some good food and watch a great movie. I can also listen to music even while at work. The best part is that some of the work I do helps me use my creativity as well!
Do you have any regrets? If “Yes”, what are they?
Yes. I should’ve made better use of my spare time in Uni. I also should get better at exploring and sharing my natural gifts and talents.
Will you look back in the next ten years and be happy with how your decisions today have shaped your future?
Yes I would- I’d look back and laugh at some of my silly decisions- but all in all, I will be content.
Do you have any fears for the future? If “Yes”, what are they?
Yes. I worry a lot about the specifics of my future. I know it’ll be wonderful- but the details of how that wonder would come to reality- my future family, geography, career- those are uncertain. That uncertainty is what fuels whatever fears I have about the future, but I know it’ll be spectacular… I just need to rest in that truth.