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Mid-Year Review: Lessons From 2017 so far…

We all know how I love making lists and sharing them, so this is list of what I have learnt in 2017. I really hope you find something you can relate with. Let’s do this review together, let me know in the comments below what your lessons from 2017 are.

1. Try things you are 100% sure you will not love; it just might turn out fear of the unknown led to your dislike of those things.
2.   Visit your friends; make out time, no matter how busy your schedule is, to build your relationships with the people in your life.
3.   Find a fellowship that is a group to study the bible with, share life experiences and pray, this will lead to you not feeling alone in your daily struggles.
4.   Go on a date with yourself, you deserve to be celebrated.
5.   Remember to buy your parents a gift; I am sure they will appreciate it
6.   Buy books for your friend’s babies; this will solidify your role as the bookish aunty or uncle plus it is never too early to start reading.
7.   Visit Café Neo and order a Pennine.
8.   Make out time to study the bible and pray, you will get lost if you don’t.
9.   Don’t waste your time daydreaming, get up and do the work.
10. Have witty answers at the ready for those who dare to ask why you are single.
11. Don’t over plan and try to micro manage your life, leave room for the unexpected they are the most amazing experiences.
12. Have honest conversations, if a good friend asks ‘’Are you fine?’’ don’t be sacred to answer ‘’No’’, if you are not fine.
13. Be deliberate about decisions that make you happy, if not you may end up overwhelmed and resentful.
14. Make life and lifestyle choices that are true to who you are, people will always question your choices, know you don’t have to defend yourself.
15. Be thankful for everything, the good, the better and the things that keeps you up at night.