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Dare to Dream, The Interview Series,

The Interview Series: Michael Akinrogunde (AMA Psalmist)

What do you currently do as a job?

I currently work as a motion and graphics designer and I am learning 2D/3D animation.
As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be an Aeronautical Engineer.
Did primary school and secondary school shape your ideas about your dream job
Yes, it did. I thought I would be living in the “air” fixing and flying planes.
At what point in time did you change your mind about that dream job?
Somehow, I always knew I wanted to do something else, I was fully convinced in my third year in the university.
Why did you study what you studied in university? If you have a do over will you study the same course?
I studied Mechanical Engineering in pursuit of my Aeronautical Engineering Career, because I wanted a broad knowledge before specializing; If I have a do-over, I will not study the same course.
How did the ‘’reality of adulthood’’ affect your dreams?
Well, I realised times and traditional conventions were changing. I found out it’s easier to stay stuck and pursue what you’re passionate about than to manage and pursue something else. I realised this in my adulthood.
Do you believe your dreams are still within your reach?
I do.
Are you fulfilled with your life? If “Yes”, how? If “No” why?
I am fulfilled with my life. How? I believe fulfilment comes with being happy with where you are and being able to “correctly” predict the future you want to create with the decisions being made today. I can do that confidently where I am.
What are your hobbies? And does your current line of work give you time for them?
I love designing (almost all kinds), film making, animation, singing, and writing. Yes, it does for most of my hobbies, I balance the remaining few with a good structure.
Do you have any regrets? If “Yes”, what are they?
I am not sure regrets in what regards, but I assume work, education and career related. At the moment, NO. Maybe I should have studied another course, but Mechanical Engineering taught me resilience.
Will you look back in the next ten years and be happy with how your decisions today have shaped your future?
I believe I will.
Do you have any fears for the future? If “Yes”, what are they?
One of my big fears is the fear of failure, I try to channel it to motivation.