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Tanna By RepJ360 Is Back!!!!!!!!

I love live music and RepJ 360 is doing a great job giving me, and all live music lovers, that with the Tanna, the pop up concert. The first was held in September and as a self-proclaimed band groupie I attended both shows held that day.

The next show is Christmas themed and comes up on the 23rd of December 2017, tickets are available at 1,000 you can buy tickets by following this link and sold at the venue for 1,500. 

Venue is The Manifold Place, 85 Ikorodu Road, (Opposite Fidelity Bank, Fadeyi Bus stop), Fadeyi, Lagos

Please, come out to support RepJ and have a great start to the Christmas weekend.

Enjoy photos from the last concert below;


Catch RepJ360 live at their first concert “Tanna”

The band RepJ360 are having their first concert tagged “Tanna” – a Yoruba phrase that translates to “turn on the light”. The concert is a first from the band and an exclusive event targeted towards lovers of clean music, Rock music or Nigerian alternative music in general. The concert will feature the band performing their original songs as well as several covers. As is the band’s ideal, the concert is not a “church concert” but will feature Christian elements, which the band emphasizes is not a religion but simply a way of life. They hope to cause people to shine their metaphoric lights, which the band interprets as showing kindness to a neighbor or being the best you can be, regardless of circumstance.

The concert is happening at No. 2 Mercy Eneli Street, by RCCG Jesus Sanctuary, Masha, Surulere, Lagos. Tickets cost One Thousand Naira only, you can get them online at or buy them physically direct from the band, simply contact them on their social media or email or catch them at an event near you (stalk their social media for more details). Tickets are going fast so you best get yours before the show sells out. There is the option of coming at 2PM for an early concert or coming later at 5PM for an evening concert [All times do not have the “Nigerian time consideration”].  
Limited Space remain and the band has stated that there is a high probably that those spaces will not remain for long. So buying tickets in advance is encouraged, as there might not be any ticket sales at the gate. You can buy tickets from the band directly, if you catch them at any event near you or you can buy your ticket online at, be sure to leave your details so the band can keep you apprised.

The Stark Experience

I came across Bemyoda while interning with Alternative Music Nigeria. What struck me from the very first song I listened to is Bemyoda’s unique sound and the fact that he dares to be different and stay true to sounds that inspire him.  His well-crafted lyrics remind you of life’s conditions which is an inexhaustible topic.
The wait for Stark was a very long one but it was worth it. The first single released from the album is ‘’I Told’’ I had the song on replay for days, it reminds me to cast fear aside at my lowest point and instead choose to embrace the light and the truth.

The album listening for Stark was over the long Democracy weekend, it was a multimedia experience of photographs and the beautiful songs on the album. My sister Olaoluwa and Bukky, my Lagos partner in crime, went to the album listening at Red Door Gallery in Victoria Island. The gallery is such a beautiful space and the decoration and art pieces transport you to a different place where things are beautiful and sad at the same time.  

We took cool photos, meet Bemyoda, listened to songs from the album and looked at the photos that interpret each song on the album. Now when I listen to the songs I can’t help but think of the photographic representation of each song, and I believe this is a good thing. I am looking forward to Bemyoda’s future projects but before that comes along you should listen to Stark on Deezer: 

Enjoy the photos we took at the album listening below: 


Happy 100th Post!!!

I published the 100thpost on The over Thinker a few weeks ago, I had something planned to celebrate this milestone in my blogging/writing journey, but what I had planned didn’t feel right. So I skipped it.
In place of what I had planned I will be appreciating those that have contributed to the blog over the past three years, those who have encouraged me, helped me edit and create content.
So shout out to Mr, Johnson, thank you first for being my friend, for reading my poorly written initial drafts for many of the post on the blog, for assisting in fine-tuning my ideas and ensuring I stay true to the vision of the blog. Happy 100th Post.
Thank you to Pelumi Kayode for editing posts and ensuring the world isn’t subjected to my poorly punctuated write ups. Michael for taking photos, designing posters and giving me my first lessons in Canva.
Thank you to Oni for always reading the blog, to Gbemi for believing in me long before I had the courage to share my work with the world. To Derin and Zainab for the constructive criticism; this has helped me find my voice as a writer and to stay true to who I am when I write. To Tobi for your comments on the blog.
Thank you to everyone that contributed to the series on this blog, Ore is always grateful. 
Finally, thank you to all my readers, to everyone who shared and recommended the blog, this wouldn’t be possible without you.
Here’s to a 100 more posts. 

A reply to Ore Fakorede’s “I Told My Mother About You” By Onomesan Oyo

I Told My Alter Ego About You

He met someone and my spirit left my body
I have kind eyes too and my heart can be soft 15% of the time if you are patient enough to wait after I block you out for the hundredth time
I laugh harder than the sound your generator makes{I hope that counts too}
I will not cry shamelessly about things but I’m willing to let you into my soul if you would come for the bus ticket
I know that there is a tallness that has nothing to do with height but I can give you that and every inch of my 5ft’10inch self 😉
I pray like everyone in the world holds hands and sings kumbaya and I write emails to Jesus but I promise you He still replies me
I can teach you many things without opening my mouth too, show you the world through my eyes, my soul and all my different alter egos{I promise I’m not a psychopath}
Your rough edges are reminiscent of  a very beautiful masterpiece that made me pause for almost an eternity the last time I was at Rele Art gallery, in other words I wouldn’t change them for the world
I would also make you the best version of  yourself but I would go a mile further, I would teach you to live for me because it’s so easy to die for the one that makes your heart leap to places you’ve never heard of
You feel lost too, I’m so sorry I can’t do better than her in this regard but what I can promise as a lost soul myself is to hold your hand while we figure out the way out together and yes I’ll come find you too
I have dealt with my own demons too and I’m still dealing {I don’t think we ever stop, it’s just striking a balance between your wolf  and dove}and I wear my scars even more boldly than the costume jewellery I have come to love
I have cracks in my walls too that will perfectly fill out yours, please can you pick me already…
I can’t even measure up to “Her” in the rest so I’ll just have to leave Times New Roman at the table at this point

Ore Fakorede’s “I Told My Mother About You