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Goal: February 2017

In the spirit of avoiding self loath, we’re going to tackle Ore’s goals monthly. So here is an update on January’s Goals; 

  • I didn’t finish reading ”Soldiers of Fortune”. The book was making me so angry at the Leadership of Nigeria so I had to stop reading it. 
  • I read ”Course of Love by Alain de Botton” it was highly recommended by my friend Derin, it is a beautiful read and well written. It embodies the writer’s opinion on Love in it’s different phases, he expresses his opinions beautifully by weaving it into the story of two lovers. The story of the lovers serves has the backdrop for his opinions. I also started reading ”And After Many Days” by Jowhoe Ile, I haven’t finished reading the book but I am loving it so far. 
  • My prayer wall is up!
  • I am still working on my promise jar, but I have an app that sends me a bible text every day I am using this till I finish my promise jar. 
  • I have listened to many new songs this month, I will be searching a few in my playlist for February.
  • We held the first worship service on the 28th of January 2017. It was a beautiful time worshiping God with friends. Special thank you to my friend Tobi Johnson and the band Rep J 360 for making this a reality. You can join us for the next one on the 25th February 2017. 

Goals For February
  • Buy a hymn book; I miss singing hymns and having a hymn book will help me get back into singing hymns 
  • Visit a new place in Lagos 
  • Read two new books 
  • Write in my journal everyday
  • Finish my promise jar. 

I have an accountability partner Toyosi Jolayemi, giving her weekly updates keeps me on my toes. I hope you are enjoying following me on this journey. Looking forward to March.