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Goals: March 2017

I know my goals for the month are late but believe me when I say I have started implementing them. I have a long list of excuses for the delay but I will spare you the joy of writing in the comments “Ore those are not reasonable excuses”.

So let us get into the list, but first an update from last month.
February was a lazy month, I spent so much of my time feeling sorry for myself and didn’t get a lot done.
  • I didn’t buy a hymn book, but I have found one at home I will be using
  • I didn’t visit any new place in Lagos, I spent so many days in the month in my pyjamas, reading and watching YouTube videos. Please don’t judge me.
  • I finished reading “And After Many Days” by Jowhor Ile, I love this book a lot, I feel in love with the characters and enjoyed the narrative of the joy and love of a close-knit Nigerian family.
I also read, “Efuru” by Flora Nwapa, the book was a beautiful journey, I found myself wishing I had Efuru’s strength, self-worth and courage to go after all the things I want. I know Efuru is a fictional character but the lessons I have learnt from her I will always carry with me.
I also read “Here is to Hindsight: Letters to my former self” by Tara Leigh Cobble, I usually don’t read motivational or Christian books but last December I visited Bible Wonderland at Surulere with a few of my friends and bought a few Christian books and I am so happy I did. I saw myself in the writer’s words and it made me not feel alone in my struggles. I marked almost every page and found home in the pages of the book.
I also read 14 by Nanya Kooper it is a collection of poems, it is a short read and I have read the collection 2 times. The collection inspired me to remember a lot of things long forgotten and I wrote a proper review of the collection. I will be publishing the review very soon so watch out for it.  
I am currently reading “God is Here: Connecting with Him in everyday life” by Steve Case it is also one of the books I bought back in December and I am loving every page of it already.       
  • I wrote every day in my journal, it helped me make sense of my self-pity and work my way to a better place. So I am making a daily commitment to writing in my journal even if it is a line or a random doodle.
  • I haven’t finished my promise jar but be sure I am working on it.

Goals for this month
  • Read two new books
  • Visit a new place in Lagos
  • Attend a live concert
  • Get a henna tattoo; I have found a place to get this done I just need to book an appointment.
  • Plan for “The Nigerian Book Club” I talked about this in the post 25, the list I made on the things I want to do before my next birthday.
  • Study the book of Romans
  • Journal every day
  • My accountability partner Toyosi and I agreed to do the water challenge, before you worry about me I will be eating, but I am staying off all drinks.
P.S Dr. Abidoye was on this challenge with me but she didn’t last 3 days. Mr Johnson tried to give me juice after I told him about the challenge I didn’t budge, I am 18 days strong as I write this and I can’t wait to celebrate when I get to day 31.

You are all invited to the March edition of Simple Worship, see the flyer below for details and let me know in the comments below what your plans are for the rest of March and the goals you have set for yourself.