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Ore At Lagos Comic Con

I went to Lagos Comic Con on 17th September 2016, I found out about the event on twitter, I was excited to learn about Comics in Lagos and acquire new reading material.

I discovered a few things that interest me like a ”Custom Shop”, an online library and on the spot sketches. It was hard to have proper conversation with people because of the blaring speakers so I went out for a bit with my friends and took a few photos of them.

I am sure you are wondering the purpose of this post, I recently read one of my old post 24 and one of things I set out to do is a ”Photo Documentary” in the spirit of that I will be sharing photos I take at events or on days when my eyes catch something I want immortalize in a photograph. Please I am an amateur photographer and my only tool is my phone, so don’t be too critical just enjoy this journey with me.

Thank You Fiyin and Ife my unwilling participants