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Paper Hearts &Plastic Pins: Love as we know it

Love as we know it by Bukky Tijani 

Love is mystical

Its process is complex.
The idea of loving someone so deep
Other than yourself seemed impossible to me.
I had walls built up to guard my heart
Then you came along, charmed me with your warm smile
You broke those walls down.
Everyday with you is something I look forward to
A day without hearing your voice is like a day without a breath of fresh air.
Love is chemistry,
It’s a chemical reaction brought to life
That ignites to form a bond that is unbreakable
The emotions it brings are overwhelming, making me unstable
I know I might hurt but still I’d rather hurt with you.

Love is a feeling,
It’s in every touch,
It’s in the way you hold me tenderly, scared I might break
The way you pull me close when I’m sad, ready to catch my fall
The way you say my name, like it’s the sweetest melody
The way you stare at me, like I’m the only girl in the world.
With you I feel alive
I feel like I’m who I want to because with you,
I’m a better version of myself.
Nothing else matters cause you’ve shown me how to love and it’s the best thing in the world!