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Paper Hearts &Plastic Pins: Love Is

Love Is by Moyo Ademola 

Love is… Let’s think about this for a minute.
I cannot breathe without you, but my bloody heart just won’t work fine when I’m close to you

Love is… Really though, how do you do it?
You take my breath away with the way your hips sway, maybe drowning is not so bad…Oh one more minute, baby please stay.

Love is… Surely now, you have me spellbound.
Oh you know the power you have, like a witch you cast a spell on me with words like incantations, baby you screw my mind, oh is this fornication?

Love is… Quit playing with your food already, go for the kill.
You’re a predator alright! Like a tiger you lie in wait for me hiding behind grasses of my mind weight balanced on your hind ready to pounce….I sense danger alright, I think my Spidey sense is; Oh shit, I didn’t see that coming!