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Headphones & Epiphanies: Moriyike’s Story

It’s hard to pick one or two songs that describe certain phases and stages in my life. Music is so beautiful,many times it feels like air- fresh air (although air that has oxygen is air is more important). When I feel overwhelmed with worry or stress- I turn up the volume to Uptown Funk and within minutes I’m the star of a one-woman party- everyone else oblivious to the reason behind the solitude smile- trying so hard not to burst a move. Do you have moments where you find yourself dancing or bopping your head with no audible music- just dancing to the tune in your head? It’s hilarious- happens to me all the time.

Each time I think about Casting Crown’s ‘East to West‘- I remember my time at Covenant University. My friends and I loved this song! Listened to it so much, that I cannot bear to listen to it anymore (I hate to admit this). Nonetheless, for me it’s just a song that poetically portrays the endless love that God has for us- to forgive our sins, and wash us clean- wiping away our records of wrongdoing. Such radical forgiveness! Such unapologetic love! It’s overwhelming to understand it all.

I just chuckled when I remembered how much I liked ‘Reflection’ by Christina Aguilera– the popular song from Mulan (the disney cartoon). I was probably just starting secondary school at the time- growing into my own and learning to understand and embrace my kind of beautiful- and all the other shades of beautiful around me. I would sing it so passionately, “When will my reflection show, who I am insi-iiiiiii-de”. Haha! I wish I could go back in time and tell my younger self to calm down. 

One can go on and on sharing songs- but my publisher asked me to send in three. Well, I sent three backed up with an essay. Haha. I leave you with this pretty song that I have been listening to of late- Blessings (Chance The Rapper).