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Letters To July II

Random Photo From Graduation 
Dear Muyiwa,

I sat across from you at a fast food restaurant, I had the first bite of my fried rice and declared it horrible and a waste of my money, you said your donuts wasn’t any better. I struggled through my rice while you managed to eat half of your first donut which you quickly washed down with coke. I asked when you started drinking coke, you said you weren’t sure when, but you are trying to stop taking it.
How the tables have turned, I remember when I was a ‘coke addict’, I used to smuggle it into campus (hope you remember our campus had a strict policy against caffeine) in old yoghurt drink containers. Every now and again you will bring me a bottle and lecture me on how it was bad for my health. I stopped taking coke about a year ago and now I am the one giving you lectures on the ‘evils of coke’. This makes me think of how different we are from when we first met a few years ago, different yes, but the same people in so many ways.
On the day we met we had an argument about the dress code of our university, I was of the opinion that the formal dress code prepared us for life after university and you believed that it stifled creativity, that people were not given the opportunity to express themselves through their clothes. It is ironic that you pay attention to the details on your outfit and you read GQ Magazine to keep up to date with male fashion trends while I long for a job where I can express myself through my clothes and not be confined to a set of rules. Maybe we rubbed off on each other. In swapping opinions we questioned our stand on life ideas and we became true to ourselves in the process.
You have to remember the first poem we wrote together, it was about stars, the moon and the activities that happen in the comfort of the night. That was a first for me, I had never written with anyone before let alone taken my writing seriously. I really enjoyed the process of writing with you that we had a short-lived blog where we shared poems we wrote together.
That day, while we nursed our horrible meals, I had my first honest conversation in months. That was easy because there is no judgement, no reservations, I can be unapologetic about all the crazy things that go on in my head. It isn’t one-way traffic where I dump all my crazy and you just listen, you share too. It is honest exchange of burdens, this is one of the many reasons our friendship is important to me.
We don’t get to see or talk often, because I am horrible at texting and you live two hours’ drive away, so I look forward to the rear occasion when our paths cross and we can talk and share a horrible meal.

P.S I am looking forward to us writing again.


Through My Eyes: Lekki Conservation Centre

Last year December, I planned to visit Lekki Conservation Center with one of my oldest friends Sope and one of my more recent friends Alex, they both attended the same primary school so it was a good catch up date for the three of us. Plans hardly pan out exactly how we hope, so I live open to the infinite possibilities each day may bring.

Alex invited one of his friends Femi, that lived not far from Lekki Conservation Center, we were about to start our tour, we meet Ife and Bukky. They all attended the same University and we became a happy group of 6.

I plan to visit again but this time with a picnic basket.

Enjoy the photos below!

P.S  Shout out to Bukky for the photos, we discovered we have a lot in common and have new adventures planned. So maybe Ore and Bukky road trip blog post coming soon! Who knows, embrace the infinite possibilities.


Paper Hearts &Plastic Pins: On Friendship

On Friendship by Oluwadamilola Adisa
I cannot claim to know what love really is, or to have experienced love fully, I have however been lucky to know what I think is the highest form of love there is… friendship
Friendship in its pure, uninhibited form is probably the truest and deepest form of communion souls can share, souls because a friend sees past the exterior to what’s beneath and eternal, the true self.
A friend witnesses our evolution, our goals, dreams, aspirations and achievements, A friend shares our joys, failures, sorrows and agonies,
A friend is a witness to our very existence.
With true friends, there is no guile, friends have basically ‘seen us finish’, there are no masks, only naked personalities. No masks, not because we do not wear them, but because friends see through them. A friend is one with whom we share our lives.
To have never experienced true friendship is to have never been understood fully, to have never had your true image seen, acknowledged and accepted by another.

In the words of C.S. Lewis, “Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art, like the universe itself… It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things which give value to survival.”