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Letter To My 23 Years Old Self By Onomesan Oyo

Dear 23 year old self,

I write with the sincerest apologies that I haven’t given you much to work with. I am exhausted as it is and I do not have the courage to go on. I hope that you will forgive me for giving up but you would soon come to realize as I have that this life is not easy. There are times where I think of leaving it all but I do not have that kind of bravery to take something that didn’t start of my own power in the first place. I hope you would have the courage to live out the dreams that I couldn’t, I want you to know that I tried, I put in work and also completely put my trust in Him that gave me the life. I am truly exhausted with no strength to carry on but I hope that you would be everything that I hoped you would be.

I am trying to make something of my life and I hope that you would continue in the race, a lot of us want to make a positive change in the world, something that would rock the very fabric of our humanity but most of us don’t how, we have the tools but we lack the technical expertise to carpe diem the day. Each day I wake up with the burning desire that today would be the day that I have been praying for. I need you to follow up with that because in a few hours I would no longer have a guest pass in the affairs that guide my life. I wouldn’t dare pride myself as being very wise but I would leave you with some essential tips to live by:
  • If at first attempt it doesn’t work out, try again, again and again.
  • Getting to the reality of the idea of the you hidden in your head would not be easy but embrace the process.
  • People are going to try to tell you what you can or cannot do, Do always what you want because at the end of the day you are the only one the mirror reflects.
  • The world is waiting for the greatness that you are regardless of where you are right now
  •  In the very wise words of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Dare to take…The world is yours to take so why not.
  • As always do you, it never gets better than that

Cheers to the life we aspire to smile
Yours Sincerely,
My 22 year old self


A reply to Ore Fakorede’s “I Told My Mother About You” By Onomesan Oyo

I Told My Alter Ego About You

He met someone and my spirit left my body
I have kind eyes too and my heart can be soft 15% of the time if you are patient enough to wait after I block you out for the hundredth time
I laugh harder than the sound your generator makes{I hope that counts too}
I will not cry shamelessly about things but I’m willing to let you into my soul if you would come for the bus ticket
I know that there is a tallness that has nothing to do with height but I can give you that and every inch of my 5ft’10inch self 😉
I pray like everyone in the world holds hands and sings kumbaya and I write emails to Jesus but I promise you He still replies me
I can teach you many things without opening my mouth too, show you the world through my eyes, my soul and all my different alter egos{I promise I’m not a psychopath}
Your rough edges are reminiscent of  a very beautiful masterpiece that made me pause for almost an eternity the last time I was at Rele Art gallery, in other words I wouldn’t change them for the world
I would also make you the best version of  yourself but I would go a mile further, I would teach you to live for me because it’s so easy to die for the one that makes your heart leap to places you’ve never heard of
You feel lost too, I’m so sorry I can’t do better than her in this regard but what I can promise as a lost soul myself is to hold your hand while we figure out the way out together and yes I’ll come find you too
I have dealt with my own demons too and I’m still dealing {I don’t think we ever stop, it’s just striking a balance between your wolf  and dove}and I wear my scars even more boldly than the costume jewellery I have come to love
I have cracks in my walls too that will perfectly fill out yours, please can you pick me already…
I can’t even measure up to “Her” in the rest so I’ll just have to leave Times New Roman at the table at this point

Ore Fakorede’s “I Told My Mother About You