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Paper Hearts &Plastic Pins:The Father’s Love

The Father’s Love by Bukky Tijani 

I stare at my reflection in the mirror
Not happy with what I see
Yet you  serenade me with your words full of promises  and tell me
I’m fearfully and wonderfully made.
I’m made in your image and likeness
I ask myself what ever did I do
To deserve an amazing romantic as a Father?

Constantly I hurt you and act like you’re no one
Caring less about your feelings.
Still you never hold a grudge.
Instead you look past my childish self and
Call me a child after your heart.
Again I ask myself who am I that you love this much?

Over and over again you immerse me with an amazing love.
A love so indescribable….
Deeper than the depths of the ocean
Farther than the ends of the earth
Wider than my tiny heart can fathom.
You call me friend, unashamed to be seen with a filthy rag like me.
In your own way, you make me smile
Because you never want me to shed a tear

You let go of the one thing you loved the most
Your only son, so I can come home to you.
And I ask myself what manner of love is this?
You teach me the essence of true love…Sacrifice!
You gave me the best gift a girl could ask for
I do not deserve this kind of love
Yet you declare me worthy enough.

I’m grateful to have a friend  in you
Your love never runs dry
Never grows weary or tired of me
It lasts forever
I’m proud to be loved by you.