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Happy 100th Post!!!

I published the 100thpost on The over Thinker a few weeks ago, I had something planned to celebrate this milestone in my blogging/writing journey, but what I had planned didn’t feel right. So I skipped it.
In place of what I had planned I will be appreciating those that have contributed to the blog over the past three years, those who have encouraged me, helped me edit and create content.
So shout out to Mr, Johnson, thank you first for being my friend, for reading my poorly written initial drafts for many of the post on the blog, for assisting in fine-tuning my ideas and ensuring I stay true to the vision of the blog. Happy 100th Post.
Thank you to Pelumi Kayode for editing posts and ensuring the world isn’t subjected to my poorly punctuated write ups. Michael for taking photos, designing posters and giving me my first lessons in Canva.
Thank you to Oni for always reading the blog, to Gbemi for believing in me long before I had the courage to share my work with the world. To Derin and Zainab for the constructive criticism; this has helped me find my voice as a writer and to stay true to who I am when I write. To Tobi for your comments on the blog.
Thank you to everyone that contributed to the series on this blog, Ore is always grateful. 
Finally, thank you to all my readers, to everyone who shared and recommended the blog, this wouldn’t be possible without you.
Here’s to a 100 more posts. 

Paper Hearts & Plastic Pins: The quintessential Enigma

Hello world, this week on ”The Over Thinker” is a love themed week ”Paper Hearts & Plastic Pins”. We will be having guest writers share what love means to them. I really hope you enjoy it!

The quintessential Enigma by Tobi Johnson 

I’ve always been baffled by the blunt ignorance:

Like trying to cut an apple with a branch
It’s easier to break wind with a fart
Here’s a Mystery For you
I’ve always been baffled by the sheer fear:
Stop your heart from beating fast
Butterflies don’t have nests in your chest
I Challenge you
I’ve always been baffled by the confusion:
If yes is no, then why isn’t no yes?
And if you can’t live without me why do you want to kill me?
You like Puzzles?
There’s a problem