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Love Stories That Never Took Off By Moyo

Fast forward to the resumption in the new year, got to work and he was there. Apparently, he started his training one month before I did but took an early end of the year break. Can’t remember who said what first but that day, I found out we were studying the same course in different universities, lived only one street away from each other and he knew all the songs that were playing from my phone. Nice!

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Grief by Aanu Jide-Ojo

Learning this multi-organed language 

Is a difficult brand of mother tongue.

The many ways your body talks:

  1. The swelling of your lungs
  2. Your lips folding in
  3. fists clenching 
  4. Your arms wrapping around your sides,
  5. Shoulders raising and eyes shutting.

There is a prayer there, 

An ahhhh God…

A why? 

As your heart gets punched again,

You remember and repeat this speech your body has now learned to speak.

Everyday, I wake to death breathing down my shoulders. 

And I wonder

If this is the day memory pulls rivers out of me. 

Old friend, 

I know how tragedies like this make you grab life by its skin, to demand answers.

Instead, lay your hands where it hurts.

Tell it,

“You will bleed less today”

“Words would come to you as healing”

“Your feet would outrun your trauma”

“God will be to you, an ally”.

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This is a list of things to do and work on, before my next birthday.

I made a list around this time last year 24 and I did a few things on that list, it felt so good to check the items off one after the other. I thought Ore why not make another list so here goes;
1.    Dye my hair – I have wanted to do this for the longest time and I need to put myself on a timeline to ‘’maybe’’ get it done.
2.    Travel with Miss Olaolawa (my younger sister) – We have talked about taking a sister trip for a while and also sharing an apartment. The latter will have to wait but we will definitely be taking out sister trip very soon.
3.    Learn to Bake –  From cookies to brownie, nice sugary treats
4.   Go Vegan for a month – I tried it this year and it was an epic fail, we all know I love chicken too much, but I refuse to stop trying.  
5.    Climb to the top of Olumo Rock – I went once with my family ‘’Mr Abidoye’’ didn’t let us climb the rock. The plan is to visit without him.
6.    Write more letters
7.    Read a book written by Teju Cole
8.    Wear my hair out more often –  I hate making my hair so why not let the afro breath and see the sun.
9.  Read more memoirs – Because you find light for your present and future in the stories of others past.
10. Read more books about Nigeria
11. Start a bookclub dedicated to studying Nigerian history.
12. Write every day even if is just a paragraph
13. Take more photographs.
14. Do a better job at keeping in touch with my family and friends.
15. Text more – I hate texting and I have realised that to keep in touch with people I have to learn to enjoy it.  
16. Attend an art festival.
17. Pray more – because with prayer comes peace.
18. Study my bible –  because there are a lot of things to learn about God.
19. Sing and not care about my horrible voice – I don’t have the best singing voice so I shy away from singing in public
20. Go out more and not just to the movies  
21. Watch less serial programs – my roaster is so full at the moment it isn’t healthy for productivity.
22. Learn to play the guitar – I used to have basic skills of playing the piano but I didn’t pay attention and nature the skill. I am older and wiser so I am picking an instrument I think I love and I might enjoy learning to play.
23. Learn to swim – the skill may come in handy one day so why not.
24. Finish writing my collection of short stories – I have spent the last two years working on it and it is time I finish

25. Post weekly on ‘’THE OVER THINKER’’
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12th December 2015

A Letter I Wished I Received December 2015

Dear Ore,

You feel relieved after just writing your ICAN exams but a storm is coming and the only thing that will keep you from drowning is focusing on God, so get it right in your place of worship, prayer and word study.

Live a little this year, when people invite you to events attend, because those events will be your happiest memories of the year. Work on ‘’The Over Thinker’’ because people are interested in reading what you have to write.

Don’t give your heart away carelessly, be very careful; guard it jealously. Above all, don’t let it flutter before it’s time. 

You will cross paths with a lot of amazing people, let your guard down, let them in. They have wells of knowledge to share with you and you will be better off after meeting them.

Remember the things you are passionate about, these are the things that will keep you going on your darkest days.

Lastly don’t forget to read more, laugh more, take risks, explain yourself only when needed, love more and be kind.

Ultimately trust God, don’t let fear hold you back and know you will have a great 2016!

life lessons,

Pots of Happiness

I haven’t worked on content for ‘’The Over Thinker’’ for a month now but, I love the feel of my pencil on paper so I have spent my time filling my black notebooks with ideas and my thoughts on life.
Here is why I haven’t worked actively on ‘’The Over Thinker’’; I wasn’t happy or excited about life and I found myself going through my days like a zombie searching for pots of happiness and holding dearly onto these pots. I will be sharing a few pots of happiness with you; I hope there are things on this list you can reach for when you are unhappy.

Pot 1
God, The Bible and the promises contained in it, I have one go to verse that lifts my spirits always. Jeremiah 1 vs. 5; Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.
This reassures me that I have a purpose here on earth and regardless of how I am feeling that God has my back.

Pot 2
Music; great songs put me in the best moods, focusing on the lyrics, finding myself in them always drives away unhappiness; so here are a few songs that have me buzzing at the moment.

United Pursuit’s album Simple Gospel every song on the album comes together to tell a story of God’s love and the fact that God is present in every season of our live.

Bethel Music’s album You Make Me Brave is a very uplifting album that reminds me that the strength needed to go through life is found only in God and God is ever ready to strengthen you.

Bemyoda’s Shima Yam, the song is very peaceful and was my happy song for weeks.

Pot 3
Books: I love losing myself in a good book letting the characters burdens for the duration of the book become my own.
In the last month I read Daughters Who Walk This Path by Yejide Kilanko, What is The What by  Dave Eggers, Blackass by A Igoni Barrett and I am currently reading Everything Good Will Come by Sefi Atta
Pot 4
Long Drives with my friend Bunmi Bamijoko and working on Total Woman Convention with her.
Pot 5
Talking with my mother; she listens to everything I have to say understanding that many times I am not seeking her opinion or advice just someone to listen.
Pot 6
Mango Juice; we recently discovered Farm Pride Mango Juice, it doesn’t taste artificial it retains the fresh taste of mangoes and reminds me of happy summers with my grandparents. 
Pot 7
Reading through my journals and looking at my thoughts at different point it helps me monitor my journey and a few entries are really cheerful they lift my spirit.                                                                                                                                                                                                             
Pot 8
Random dancing and Instagram Stalking with my sister  Miss Olaoluwa
Pot 9
Snap Chat Stories and Filters, YouTube Videos.
Pot 10
Attending C.I.T.Y Summer Leadership camp and working with the media and marketing team
Pot 11
Talking with Demilade; she creates an atmosphere where answering the question ‘’Ore are you fine?’’ honestly is the only way to go.
I will like to know the things you reach for on ‘’Unhappy Days’’. So please share your own special pots in the comments below.