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Grief by Aanu Jide-Ojo

Learning this multi-organed language 

Is a difficult brand of mother tongue.

The many ways your body talks:

  1. The swelling of your lungs
  2. Your lips folding in
  3. fists clenching 
  4. Your arms wrapping around your sides,
  5. Shoulders raising and eyes shutting.

There is a prayer there, 

An ahhhh God…

A why? 

As your heart gets punched again,

You remember and repeat this speech your body has now learned to speak.

Everyday, I wake to death breathing down my shoulders. 

And I wonder

If this is the day memory pulls rivers out of me. 

Old friend, 

I know how tragedies like this make you grab life by its skin, to demand answers.

Instead, lay your hands where it hurts.

Tell it,

“You will bleed less today”

“Words would come to you as healing”

“Your feet would outrun your trauma”

“God will be to you, an ally”.