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Random Facts: Oreoluwa Abidoye

A really good friend drew my attention to the fact that I haven’t uploaded a lot of  original content on The Over Thinker this year so the month of May will be dedicated to sharing more of myself with my readers from journal entries to facts about me and a truck load of embarrassing things.

So here goes, 10 random things about me that you may not know.

  1. I wave at people in traffic, sometimes I even greet  or give a compliment. I do this because I find driving in Lagos traffic very boring, I like to see the smile it puts on people’s face and the deep look of confusion that flashes across their face when they try to figure out if they know me.

  1. Time to come clean, so the first letter of the Letter Series: Her version of events is loosely based on someone I met in August of 2015, I had this instant connection with the person and spent the next few months getting to know him but I understood that we would never be more then friends and the first letter of the series was my way of saying goodbye to all the things I wished we could be.
  1. I have yearly viewings of the movies Love & Basketball and The Notebook, both movies make me very happy. I know I am a sucker for cheesy movies.
  1. I have this bad habit of not eating till I am hungry and it isn’t healthy, I have tried to break this habit and I keep failing at it so suggestions are welcomed.
  1. In my bag at all times you will find a pack of pocket tissue, a notepad, a pencil and part of my key-holder collection.
  1. I collect stationary with my younger sister, from fancy notepads, to coloured pens and neon pencils. I guess you can call it our thing.

  1. I have a breakup playlist, I really love music and the songs on this list give words to how I feel when I have lost in love.

  1. I was afraid of marriage then I stop being afraid, thank God for this.
  1. I wrote a poem of sorts for the last person I liked who didn’t like me back and he went on to analyse what I wrote for days, it was pure torture. I guess he didn’t know it was about him.
  1. I think love is total acceptance of someone, accepting and caring for all their many parts. I have only felt this way once, cared for without restraint.

Feel free to share random facts about yourself in the comments below