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Adventures in Lagos: Upbeat Centre and BBQ and Cravings

Still in the pursuit of work life balance and achieving equilibrium my team from work decided to spend Saturday 6th of October 2018 at the Upbeat Centre a trampoline park in Lekki, I know what you are thinking that we are a little to old to be jumping on trampolines, but engaging in childlike activities reminds me of the simple cares I had as a child, when my worries revolved around my mum or my sister reading my journals and if my school uniforms were properly ironed. It teaches me to review how I view my current situations/circumstance in adulting many times I realise things aren’t all bad and I believe this is good.

Upbeat Centre is great for taking photos it is every blogger’s dream, the sunlight hits all the right angels and the back-fence overlooks Lagos Island, we took advantage of this and took loads.

We finish the day off by having lunch at BBQ and Cravings; it is my best burger place in Lagos, the menu there includes a great selection of burgers, side dishes and seasoned to perfection protein options.

My team members and I plan to make this a monthly affair so, suggestions are welcomed in the comments on places that my team members and I can visit next

Enjoy the photos below.