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My Year In Books

I love reading, losing myself in the problems and experiences of the characters while I read and going on the beautiful journey that each book offers.

At some point this year I decided to go on a new journey of reading  African Literature, so I will be sharing the books I have read this year by African writers and books about Africa. 
The first book I read, is ”Fine Boys by Eghosa Imasuen” it is a beautiful read and it took me on a journey of the University of Benin, introduced me to the world of school strikes and the universal constant of friends choosing different paths.  
”Born On A Tuesday by Elnathan John” was given to me by my friend Derin and I am not returning it, firstly because it is an autographed copy and secondly because it is such a captivating book, it is a story that explores things that I have thought about but never had the words to express. 
”What is the What by Dave Eggers” my brother gave me this book and I cried a lot when reading it, I will finish a chapter and take a crying break then go back to the book. It open my eyes to the fact that Africans don’t have the same life experience and we are a content of different stories told by the countries we are from. 

”Everything Good Will Come by Sefi Atta” This book reminded me of all the questions I have learnt to forget. 

Daughters Who Walk This Path by Yejide Kilanko  This is one of those books you start and don’t put down till you are finished. I had a good cry when I finished the book. My mum read the book, then my sister and we sat at our dinning table and had a long conversation about the issues raised in the book and how Yejide Kilanko took us on a realistic journey of things Nigerians will love to sweep under the carpet and are not willing to learn how to deal with. 

Sixty Percent of A True Story by Osisiye Tafa I was drawn to this book because of its title. It made me wonder about the author of this book and what he had to offer. This is an exceptional book that tells stories that every Nigerian University student/graduate can relate to. 
Sunset in Biafra by  Elechi Amadi I really enjoy reading about the Nigerian Civil War, it helps me understand the history of my country that isn’t taught in school, the only other account of the Civil War I have read is There Was A Country and reading  Elechi Amadi’s book gave me a new perspective of the war.
Blackass by A. Igoni Barrett my friend Anthony gave me this book for my last birthday and while I read it people walked up to me to ask about the title and what the book is about. So here is what I told them ”The book tells a story of Lagos that everyone can relate to and can identify with the characters in the book” The book left me wanting more and praying that Furo the main character grows a heart.  
Please leave suggestions in the comments below on books you think I should check out and I have two books to read in this category before the year ends, I will update this post once I get around to reading those books. 
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