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Ore At Lagos Comic Con

I went to Lagos Comic Con on 17th September 2016, I found out about the event on twitter, I was excited to learn about Comics in Lagos and acquire new reading material.

I discovered a few things that interest me like a ”Custom Shop”, an online library and on the spot sketches. It was hard to have proper conversation with people because of the blaring speakers so I went out for a bit with my friends and took a few photos of them.

I am sure you are wondering the purpose of this post, I recently read one of my old post 24 and one of things I set out to do is a ”Photo Documentary” in the spirit of that I will be sharing photos I take at events or on days when my eyes catch something I want immortalize in a photograph. Please I am an amateur photographer and my only tool is my phone, so don’t be too critical just enjoy this journey with me.

Thank You Fiyin and Ife my unwilling participants

Pots of Happiness

I haven’t worked on content for ‘’The Over Thinker’’ for a month now but, I love the feel of my pencil on paper so I have spent my time filling my black notebooks with ideas and my thoughts on life.
Here is why I haven’t worked actively on ‘’The Over Thinker’’; I wasn’t happy or excited about life and I found myself going through my days like a zombie searching for pots of happiness and holding dearly onto these pots. I will be sharing a few pots of happiness with you; I hope there are things on this list you can reach for when you are unhappy.

Pot 1
God, The Bible and the promises contained in it, I have one go to verse that lifts my spirits always. Jeremiah 1 vs. 5; Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.
This reassures me that I have a purpose here on earth and regardless of how I am feeling that God has my back.

Pot 2
Music; great songs put me in the best moods, focusing on the lyrics, finding myself in them always drives away unhappiness; so here are a few songs that have me buzzing at the moment.

United Pursuit’s album Simple Gospel every song on the album comes together to tell a story of God’s love and the fact that God is present in every season of our live.

Bethel Music’s album You Make Me Brave is a very uplifting album that reminds me that the strength needed to go through life is found only in God and God is ever ready to strengthen you.

Bemyoda’s Shima Yam, the song is very peaceful and was my happy song for weeks.

Pot 3
Books: I love losing myself in a good book letting the characters burdens for the duration of the book become my own.
In the last month I read Daughters Who Walk This Path by Yejide Kilanko, What is The What by  Dave Eggers, Blackass by A Igoni Barrett and I am currently reading Everything Good Will Come by Sefi Atta
Pot 4
Long Drives with my friend Bunmi Bamijoko and working on Total Woman Convention with her.
Pot 5
Talking with my mother; she listens to everything I have to say understanding that many times I am not seeking her opinion or advice just someone to listen.
Pot 6
Mango Juice; we recently discovered Farm Pride Mango Juice, it doesn’t taste artificial it retains the fresh taste of mangoes and reminds me of happy summers with my grandparents. 
Pot 7
Reading through my journals and looking at my thoughts at different point it helps me monitor my journey and a few entries are really cheerful they lift my spirit.                                                                                                                                                                                                             
Pot 8
Random dancing and Instagram Stalking with my sister  Miss Olaoluwa
Pot 9
Snap Chat Stories and Filters, YouTube Videos.
Pot 10
Attending C.I.T.Y Summer Leadership camp and working with the media and marketing team
Pot 11
Talking with Demilade; she creates an atmosphere where answering the question ‘’Ore are you fine?’’ honestly is the only way to go.
I will like to know the things you reach for on ‘’Unhappy Days’’. So please share your own special pots in the comments below.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Breaking Chords

This is the first page of something really special to me, please let me know what you think in the comments. 

The shouting started shortly before my 11th birthday. I thought it was one off because when you have five people living in a tiny space you are bound to have the occasional clash. This was different, the first night turned into the second night and it went on at a stretch for months.

My family lived in a small three bedroom duplex. All three rooms were next to each other and with very thin walls that didn’t allow room for secret conversations. Each room had tiny balconies that were framed by iron railing that prevented people from jumping down. When you were on any of the balconies, you become deaf to the rest of the house; they were little heavens of escape.
I am a light sleeper so I wasn’t getting any sleep once the shouting started. I always wonder how my sister and brother slept through it. I became the unofficial referee to their shouting matches and I kept score because I needed a way to pass time.
My parents said hateful things to each other and I watched as the words they said slowly cut through and destroy the foundation of their relationship.  It crossed my mind on many nights to shout at them to stop but I was scared of the beating I would get if I interfered.
I started struggling to stay awake in school, so one night I took the straw mat to my balcony, I noticed for the first time the beautiful sound coming from my neighbor’s house and I easily lost myself in it. The beautiful melodies gave rhythm to all the emotions buried deep within and the lyrics provide voice to all the things I left unsaid.
I found myself disappearing into music to give words to my emotions.

For Kessie

This took too long to write, I never wanted to have to write about this, but sad important things need to be documented.

I was scrolling through my twitter feed when I read a tweet ”RIP Kessie” I was in so much shock that I decided to switch apps and send Kessie a message on Whats App and I was hopeful it was a dream when I saw the two tick sign beside the message I sent, praying that the tweet was a crude joke.

I returned to my twitter feed hoping the tweet would be gone but instead I saw more tweets confirming my worst fears.
So I dropped my phone and made a wish that somehow Kessie would reply my text. I spent the next couple of hours in denial, wishing that she was alive and hoping for one last sarcastic comment.
My wishing this away didn’t bring my friend back and I have kind of come to terms with it. I love letters, writing letters, receiving letters. So I have written a letter to Kessie of all the things I want to say to her and I am choosing to deal with this by living in the memories I have of her and when those fade I will imagine sharing new adventures with you Kessie and always find ways to keep you alive in my heart. Rest well and be sure you would never be forgotten.

Dear Kessie,
Here are a few things I remember about you, you made me laugh about the silliest things, you didn’t take life or yourself too seriously always making jokes about yourself.
You are one of the best storyteller I know, I always wonder how you did it, all of us will go silent in the room whenever you launch into one of your stories.
Less I forget you are definitely the first sarcastic person I met it was second nature with you, it was always a struggle to tell when you were being serious.

Keesie here are a list of things I am sorry for, we tried to keep in touch after secondary school with sending messages back and forth on Facebook but, this didn’t last, relationships need physical meetings as we couldn’t find time for that.
By the time Instant Messaging became easy, we had drifted too far to exist in each other’s virtual world so we stuck to the occasional catch up chats on Facebook.

I ran into you in March we exchanged phone number and promised to have a catch up lunch but, we never got round to it. I told myself in the following months that we had our lives ahead for us and no need to rush setting  a date for our lunch.
I am sorry I didn’t push hard enough for our lunch date, sorry we didn’t do a better job of staying in each other’s life, if I had know you didn’t have time, I would have met up with you every weekend, create new memories. Most of all I am sorry I don’t get a do over.

I am not ready to go through the stages of grief, so I choose instead to live in the memories I have of you, of always going late to the dining hall our last year of secondary school, of late night conversations and drinking garri.
We were in our 5th year of Secondary School when I still thought I could write poems and my writing was sacred. I was writing in my journal during long break, pencil in one hand gala in another, you walked up to my table and said ‘’you be wasting time writing about that boy that left you, Ore he already moved on find another fish even if it is one with it’s eyes missing.’’ I immediately started laughing.

The morning after I heard you died, I was reading my bible and I came across this Bible Verse Isaiah 57vs.1 The righteous man perishes,and no one lays it to heart;devout men are taken away, while no one understands.For the righteous man is taken away from calamity; ESV
In all  these, I choose to believe you are in a better place and believe in this verse

Rest Well Kessie Be Sure I Will Be Telling My Children About You