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The shouting started shortly before my 11th birthday. I thought it was one off because when you have five people living in a tiny space you are bound to have the occasional clash. This was different, the first night turned into the second night and it went on at a stretch for months.

My family lived in a small three bedroom duplex. All three rooms were next to each other and with very thin walls that didn’t allow room for secret conversations. Each room had tiny balconies that were framed by iron railing that prevented people from jumping down. When you were on any of the balconies, you become deaf to the rest of the house; they were little heavens of escape.
I am a light sleeper so I wasn’t getting any sleep once the shouting started. I always wonder how my sister and brother slept through it. I became the unofficial referee to their shouting matches and I kept score because I needed a way to pass time.
My parents said hateful things to each other and I watched as the words they said slowly cut through and destroy the foundation of their relationship.  It crossed my mind on many nights to shout at them to stop but I was scared of the beating I would get if I interfered.
I started struggling to stay awake in school, so one night I took the straw mat to my balcony, I noticed for the first time the beautiful sound coming from my neighbor’s house and I easily lost myself in it. The beautiful melodies gave rhythm to all the emotions buried deep within and the lyrics provide voice to all the things I left unsaid.
I found myself disappearing into music to give words to my emotions.