Dear Friend,

100 days since the last time we spoke, I haven’t felt the need to speak to you. I am learning to move through life by myself. So I will give you a quick update, I have driven my car into the wall a few times, this makes everyone laugh when I tell them the stories of the different dents on my car. My hair is almost natural, kinky if you will, I love it, how is looks and how it feels but everyone keeps asking when I will relax it. I stopped wearing earnings because I feel uncomfortable with them and that has lead to a new title “Deeper Life Sister” I am happy I am becoming comfortable with my life decisions and learning that the only person I owe an explanation is God and myself. I started a manuscript titled “Dates” it is moving slowly but I am proud I started and it feels like it is going to be something really great and a good read. They are simple stories about Nigeria, that I believe need to be told. I am accepting love, it isn’t easy considering my many walls but it is a work in progress and a new experience I crossed two items off my bucket list which are making colored hair and dancing in the rain p.s it left my hair smelling and my chest aching but it was worth it. I love living with my two room mates, they are a breath of fresh air and everyday is something new, a new adventure and we are making memories. I have a few new of projects but they are secrets so I will let you know when the time is right. I love you and appreciate you reading my letters and making time to reply. 
Your Friend, Ore.