What do you currently do as a job?
I am a Student
As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?
Honestly I wasn’t sure. I kept saying ‘doctor’ maybe because my friends were saying it too. But I always had a flare for writing and making my own story books, making dresses for my dolls and drawing.
Did primary school and secondary school shape your ideas about your dream job?
Not really. It just made me realise I need to do something that must do with maths, economics and commerce because I loved those subjects.
At what point in time did you change your mind about that dream job?
Honestly, it keeps changing most times that I have lost count. Maybe because my life keeps unfolding in different phases. But i added another one to my life which is to live a life that adds value to the life of others and become a role model that inspires others to do great things. This will give me so much joy.
Why did you study what you studied in university? If you have a do over will you study the same course?
It was a combination of all the subjects i love and my passion grew from time to time
Yes I would and might do an additional course in fashion designing.
How did the ‘’reality of adulthood’’ affect your dreams?
The reality of university and having a good job with quality certificates indirectly made me put aside and question  my love for art, writing my story books and making dresses. However, I can go back to that if I put my mind to it. My aim of making a positive impact and inspiring others is always intact.
Do you believe your dreams are still within your reach?
Yes. Nothing is impossible. With the right mindset, thoughts and faith in God. You become unstoppable. Sometimes it looks like you don’t know who you are or where you are going. But the beauty about life and our dreams is that in unfolds in phases as you keep taking steps and actions
Are you fulfilled with your life? If “Yes”, how? If “No” why?
Yes I am. I realised that I am joyous and grateful most times as God has helped me achieve great things beyond my imagination and bringing me this far. However, I need to keep moving forward and I have decided to enjoy the process and the journey which has helped me to know more things about my strength and weaknesses. I have made that decisions that no matter how my life is, I choose joy and happiness.
What are your hobbies? And does your current line of work give you time for them?
I discovered recently I enjoy smiling and meeting people. My last work experience gave me the opportunity to do more of that as I attend to clients every day.
Do you have any regrets? If “Yes”, what are they?
Will you look back in the next ten years and be happy with how your decisions today have shaped your future?
Yes I would.
Do you have any fears for the future? If “Yes”, what are they?
My greatest fear is NOT achieving the purpose which I was made for. That’s why I try as much as possible to make discoveries and run with it.