What is your name?
What do you currently do as a job?
I am an academic researcher as well as a web developer, I volunteer in some organisations as well.
As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?
At different stages of my childhood I had different ‘dream professions’. At a point I was hell bent on being a medical doctor, only for me to grow older and realise it was definitely not what I wanted. I toiled with the idea of being an Environmental Technologist at some point too, but that also went with the wind, same with my ambition of being a Computer Engineer, these were the very early years though. Eventually, it boiled down to what I was sure I didn’t want to do, which were what my parents were advocating for since I was ‘smart’ and these were Medicine and Engineering.
Did primary school and secondary school shape your ideas about your dream job?
In some way, it did. Although I was hungry for something I could not exactly place my hands on at the time, nothing else mattered.
At what point in time did you change your mind about that dream job?
I can’t say I changed my mind as my mind wasn’t exactly made up.
Why did you study what you studied in university? If you have a do over will you study the same course?
Sincerely, I studied what I did because I didn’t want to study what every other person thought I should. I had a one-on-one with myself and realised 5+ years was too much to study something that might make me miserable as I get frustrated easily, so I decided to strike a balance and play it safe. Weirdest reason ever, I know. If I’m to do again I will study the same course because in more ways than I could have imagined it was just what I needed.
How did the ‘’reality of adulthood’’ affect your dreams?
I have come to the conclusion that ‘adulthood’ is just something that we have allowed to scare us from the many amazing things we can be capable of, my dreams are still very intact.
Do you believe your dreams are still within your reach?
Yes, I do very much believe all I have ever wanted are within reach.
Are you fulfilled with your life? If “Yes”, how? If “No” why?
Yes I am. For me finding fulfilment is a daily task, and not just something that one should be obsessive about, and it’s all about the little things. So yes, I am fulfilled with my life.
What are your hobbies? And does your current line of work give you time for them?
My hobbies,… listening to tonnes of music, singing, reading, dancing, I also recently developed a love for exploring places. Yes, it does.
Do you have any regrets? If “Yes”, what are they?
I believe there is no point fussing over things that are gone, no regrets, just lessons about improvements that can be made.
Will you look back in the next ten years and be happy with how your decisions today have shaped your future?
I believe I will.
Do you have any fears for the future? If “Yes”, what are they?

Hmmm, No (a tiny yes 😂). I am naturally a worrier, thus my reason for the yes, and no because I am learning to cast all of my cares on God because He cares for me, after all I can’t add an inch to my life by letting fears and worry consume me.