I took the first six months of the year to relax from the constant activity that was my life; of exams, of classes and if you are wondering about work and money, I became a freelance writer. In addition, I tried to update my blog regularly, worked actively at the N.G.O I volunteer with and my parents indulged me and gave me a monthly allowance to go after my dream of writing and driving around Lagos in a bid to finding new and interesting things to do.

This past week my blog hit 4000 views and counting. I am super excited and grateful for this. It seems my six month of relaxation wasn’t a total waste. I am grateful to all the people that read my posts, share and post lovely comments, you made this possible. 

So to commemorate this milestone, I will be sharing a few photographs I have taken in the last 6 months and I know you are thinking Yes! I became an amateur photographer. A Picture tells a story and since I love telling stories with words why not throw photographs into the mix. 

I am currently saving up for a Camera but Wendy(My Car) wouldn’t let the account balance be great. I am thinking of starting ”The Over Thinker” YouTube channel, let me know in the comments if you would watch my videos.