I miss the late night parties we had. We made the poor life decision of eating spicy noodles and smoked chicken 1 a.m. in the morning. We had ice cream to go with it on some nights and on some other night we had cold drinks but on every occasion cold water served us just fine.
We laughed about this poor life choice; we cared less about the bloating stomach that followed, we were just happy to be alive in the moment and share a good meal.
We talked while we cooked, we laughed about life, worried about which direction our lives were headed, asked  why we were still single, when our love story would happen and we cried when everything we were dealing with in our separate lives became too much. The important thing is after our late night parties we always walked out of room A41 with bright smiles.
We made each other better because we were unapologetically honest, not holding back when we needed to point out flaws in the next person and giving praise when due and most importantly we let God teach us about the true meaning of sisterhood.
The interesting part of our parties were when we would discuss the word, break down the scripture, share new revelation on things God was teaching us in our individual lives and when our parties were approaching the end we would argue on who got to wash the plates and kettle (I know you are thinking it, yes we cooked noodles in a kettle).
I miss this so much so in the last few months. These nights are long gone and I find myself craving one last spicy noodles meal at 1 a.m.
We have arrived at a new season; the things that consume our conversations are different. We are getting married, starting our homes and it scares me, I find myself asking ‘’if we are ready’’, Room A41 nights were two short years ago.
Two things are constant in my life; changing seasons and my sister who I share each season with. Understanding this makes embracing this season easy, I still have my sister, to call when I get confused, to pray with and share the occasional lunch dates and I understand that this season would end and we would be sharing tips on how to get mucus out of the nose of a new born and potty training tips in no time.
So can we have one last meal of spicy noodles and smoked chicken?