I turned on the tv and I heard on the news my longtime friend and fashion confidante had passed on and there’s been a space in my heart ever since. We had such great connection from the first time we met on E’s fashion police in 2011. Our love was an instant connection, I knew I would go on a date with her every Saturday night on E and we would laugh at another creation by Lady Gaga’s psycho stylist from Mars or be in awe at how Rihanna could never do no wrong in fashion.
            I sat every week on my favorite couch with my can of pringles hoping one day I would get to meet this incredible woman and she would one day ask me her famous one liner “who are you wearing” and I would in turn answer Jewel by Lisa who by the way is my favorite Nigerian designer.
            Despite my wishes of meeting her not ever seeing the light of day, I was still content that I could watch and share in her awesomeness straight from the tv. The laughs we shared together over series of fashion police episodes made up for my nonexistent Hollywood career and designer clothes. Her sense of humor was equal to no other except possibly the voices in my head.
              Meeting her taught me life lessons that would last a lifetime.She made me realize life is just like an episode of fashion police,  we make mistakes and it only makes sense to laugh about it and sometimes on a scale of one to never getting it right we do break the scale.
              I have no idea what Melissa and I are going to do without her but I have consolation in the fact that she taught me a great deal and probably heaven wouldn’t be such a bad place since she’s there now making God and His angels laugh and approving of their choice of costume since white is all the rage now.
                In an attempt to give myself and the rest of the world closure, I have realized there would never be another Joan Rivers but there will always be you till God thinks it’s time you made Him laugh too so find what you love and never stop doing it.
The girl with the sweaty palms
By Onomesan Oyo